Holidays in Dubai: what you need to know and recommendations

Dubai is a city that is famous not only for its chic architecture, but also for its period of spiritual reflection during the holy month of Ramadan. Understanding etiquette is necessary even if you are a guest of the city.

Ramadan etiquette consists of many customs and practices that need to be experienced. It is worth considering them in more detail.

Abstinence from food and drink

From the dawn marked by the Fajr prayer to the sunset marked by the Maghrib prayer, Muslims abstain from consuming various foods and drinks. By the way, they are even prohibited from chewing gum.

Pure thoughts and actions

Fasting in Ramadan goes beyond physical limitations. It is necessary to refrain from bad thoughts, slander, lies, immoral actions and so on. This focus on purifying the soul will help people develop a greater sense of self-awareness. They will strive for ethical behavior.

Suhoor and Iftar

The pre-dawn meal is called Suhur. It gives you the opportunity to get nourished and properly prepare for fasting. At sunset, the fast is broken by iftar, a meal that begins with water and dates. This is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad.


There are those groups of people who do not need to fast. These are pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly and sick people, small children and tourists. To make up for a missed post, you need to make a contribution to charity or feed people who need it.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Both during Ramadan and throughout the year, such actions must be avoided. Even for non-Muslims who do not need to fast, it is best not to drink alcohol or smoke in public to respect traditions. This level of understanding will create a harmonious and inclusive environment.

Even visitors to Dubai should know about these etiquette rules. You will show respect for traditions that have been established for centuries!