Plan your purchases while shopping in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its luxury and impressive architecture, and of course shopping is an important part of city life here. One of the most vibrant and exciting times for shoppers is the Dubai Shopping Festival, which promises to be even bigger in 2024.

DSF is not just a sale, but a real shopping holiday that lasts a whole month. At this time, the city is filled with a festive atmosphere, and shops offer incredible discounts and special offers. The festival features over 6,000 retail outlets, offering products from the hottest brands to unique local items. Everyone can find out more information on the

Key dates for DSF 2024

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2024 took place from December 15, 2023 to January 15, 2024. This is a time when the city is transformed, offering customers unique opportunities for profitable purchases. Dubai is known for its huge shopping malls, each of which offers a unique shopping experience. Here are some must-see places during DSF:

  1. The Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world, with more than 1,200 stores. Here you will find stores of such famous brands as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, as well as many affordable brands. Don’t miss the famous aquarium and winter skating rink, which add to the experience of your visit.
  2. Mall of the Emirates — This shopping center is famous for its Ski Dubai, which offers a unique opportunity to ski in the desert. Mall of the Emirates is also home to many luxury brands and excellent restaurants.
  3. Ibn Battuta Mall is unique in its design, inspired by the travels of the famous explorer Ibn Battuta. The shopping center is divided into six thematic zones, each representing a different region of the world. Here you can find both fashion boutiques and cozy cafes.
  4. City Walk is not just a shopping center, but a real city within a city. Here you can stroll along the cozy streets, enjoying shopping in fashionable stores and relaxing in numerous restaurants and cafes. This is a great place for family outings and shopping.
  5. Dubai Festival City Mall offers a wide range of shopping and entertainment options. The special feature of this center is the impressive IMAGINE light show, which takes place every night. This is an unforgettable sight that is worth seeing.

DSF is not only shopping, but also a lot of entertainment for the whole family. During the festival there are concerts, fireworks, carnivals and cultural events. Many shopping centers hold prize draws where you can win cars, gold jewelry and even apartments.