Creating the future with artificial intelligence in the UAE

Artificial intelligence has become one of the most important directions in the development of modern society. It is used in a wide variety of areas of human activity, it allows you to speed up the scientific and technical process, improve production and make people’s lives easier.

It is worth highlighting artificial intelligence in UAE, a country where they pay great attention to all innovative technologies.

State policy in this area

The United Arab Emirates is a country aimed at the future, where all the latest technologies and areas of development receive due assessment and support. Artificial intelligence is no exception.

Specialists quickly mastered its use and began using it for medical diagnostics, monitoring and managing traffic flows, and introducing innovations in the financial sector.

In order to streamline the work in this area, make it more comprehensive and speed up the progress of all processes, the Council on Artificial Intelligence was created, which is in charge of all aspects of technology development, from education in specialties to the implementation of processes in institutions and organizations.

The Council regulates investment in AI and the development of infrastructure that makes it possible to use technologies of this type. The work of the organization is headed by the Minister of State, and the activities of the President of the UAE are supervised.

Partnership development

The country’s leadership understands that only international cooperation can advance the research and implementation of AI. The main emphasis is on working with structures and scientists from the USA. In addition to long-standing allied relations, America’s leadership in this area, accumulated experience and accumulated knowledge are taken into account.

However, the UAE government is open to cooperation with all countries, Chinese scientists and organizations are involved, and specialists from other countries are working.

Education system

The development of technologies and their implementation is impossible without specialists. The following universities prepare them in the Emirates:

MBZUAI or Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence. This is a new university, it was created in 2019.

Branch of New York University in Abu Dhabi.

Branch of the Sorbonne in the UAE.

It is also worth highlighting the companies SoluLab, ELEKS, IT CRAFT, which are engaged in software development and the implementation of artificial intelligence in various areas of human activity.